was born on September 28, 1948, in Sault St. Marie, Michigan. His family moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, when he was 12. He attended Greenfield High School and thereafter received his Court Reporting Degree from Spencerian University in 1970. Mr. Taylor began his professional career at Milwaukee Reporters Associated, reporting mostly personal injury depositions. In 1971 he joined with Robert Brumm in the formation of Brumm & Taylor, Inc. The partnership continued until January of 1972 when Craig moved to Miami, Florida, and joined the reporting firm of Friedman, Lombardi & Gendron where he reported trials, depositions, conventions and municipal hearings until December of 1974 when he and Peggy Cook formed Cook & Taylor, Inc. That firm was dissolved in November of 1978 when Mr. Taylor joined forces with Thomas Jonovic and established Taylor & Jonovic, P.C., the original firm that exists today. With the addition of other partners over the years, the firm today is known as Taylor, Jonovic, White, Gendron & Kircher-Eharte. Since 1978, Craig and the Taylor Jonovic firm have reported some of the most important litigation in South Florida, among which was the Engle v. Phillip Morris tobacco trial that ran for two years in the late nineties. It is the longest civil trial on record. Taylor Jonovic produced daily copy transcripts every day throughout the trial, culminating in a 57,000-page appeal transcript. The firm has handled many realtime trials in the Complex Litigation Division and has acquired a tremendous reputation for prompt quality transcripts.        Mr. Taylor has expanded the coverage areas for the firm, establishing offices in all of the major cities in Florida. Their main production office continues to reside in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the managerial office is in Miami, FL. Besides aiding attorneys within the State of Florida, Taylor Jonovic has a vast list of national and worldwide affiliations that it has garnered over its 37-year history. Craig today lives in Coral Springs, Florida, a community located west of Fort Lauderdale, and is still an active court reporter, working daily and covering depositions and hearings throughout the State of Florida and internationally.

THOmas JONOVIC (1947 - 2013)

left Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1972 at the age of 25 and moved to Miami, Florida, and began his career at Friedman, Lombardi & Gendron. There he gained invaluable experience by reporting trials, depositions, meetings, statements, municipal hearings, the full gamut of our profession. In November of 1978 Tom joined with Craig W. Taylor and established Taylor & Jonovic Court Reporters, P.C.  Craig and Tom grew their firm slowly, working with all of the major law firms in South Florida and reporting some of the most high-profile cases in the nation, including the Engle v. Philip Morris tobacco case that ran from 1998 - 2000. Two hours after the jury verdict, the trial transcript was completed, over 57,000 pages. It has been called the longest civil trial in history. Taylor & Jonovic today has over 20 full-time and many part-time reporters. They have offices throughout the State of Florida and longtime affiliations nationally and worldwide. Their reporters have traveled extensively throughout the world, covering trials in Europe, South America, Great Britain and Africa. 

Tom passed away in 2013.  We miss his dedication to our profession, his humor and his friendship. He was a team player and always did his best to keep our reporters and clients happy. Tom leaves behind his widow, Susan Jonovic, who has been and remains Taylor Jonovic's bookkeeper.


was born on August 14, 1944, in Miami, Florida. His family moved to Miami, Florida, in 1940. He was educated in the Dade County Public School System and attended high school at Miami Southwest High School, graduating in 1962. Upon graduation, he entered the Walsh/Jones Business School and graduated in 1964. He then began reporting immediately with the office of Jack W. Mallicoat, one of two Official Reporters for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit at the time, reporting jury trials and hearings for the first five years and then mostly reporting depositions. Upon Mr. Mallicoat's passing, Danny with two associates from Jack W. Mallicoat opened the office of White, O'Bryan & Burridge. During the following ten years of servicing the legal communities of Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties the office carried a staff of approximately ten reporters. In approximately 1995 Taylor Jonovic offered White, O'Bryan & Burridge the opportunity to merge with them. And I've been happily a part of the Taylor Jonovic family ever since, working daily covering depositions. Danny and his wife, Bernadette, live in Pembroke Pines, Florida, and have for the past 15 years.




was born on May 9, 1964 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Her family moved to Miami, Florida soon thereafter where she attended Whispering Pines Elementary, Cutler Ridge Junior High and graduated high school from Southridge Senior High in 1982. Ms. Kircher-Echarte attended Miami-Dade for a year and then attended Charron Williams College for court reporting. After graduation from Charron Williams, Ms. Kircher-Echarte started her professional career at Friedman, Lombardi & Gendron in 1989. During her tenure at Friedman, Lombardi & Gendron she reported criminal trials and depositions for the first three years and then advanced to civil trials and depositions. In 2006 she joined the court reporting firm of        Taylor, Jonovic, White & Gendron where she was elevated to partner.  Since 2006 at Taylor, Jonovic, White, Gendron & Kircher-Echarte she has reported major negligent security trials and depositions, construction defect trials and depositions, medical malpractice, personal injury cases as well.  She also was the (Miami) Chinese Drywall court reporter reporting omnibus motion calendars and all hearings regarding Chinese Drywall.

Taylor, Jonovic and Ms. Kircher-Echarte are currently located in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties and has expanded our firm's geographical region to include the entire State of Florida and internationally, including traveling with clients to the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Jamaica, St. Maarten.  Taylor, Jonovic, White, Gendron & Kircher-Echarte has handled many complex litigation cases and as acquired a stellar reputation for prompt quality transcripts. Jill today lives in Coconut Grove, Florida and is still an active court reporter working daily on         covering trials, depositions and hearings throughout the State of Florida.