1998 Howard Engle vs. RJ Reynolds - Trial Transcripts available for Purchase - Please contact our office for details.

Miami Court Reporters

Get knowledgeable Miami court reporters for your law practice. Our staff of experienced court reporters cover the entire State of Florida, and during our 36-year history we have established long-term affiliations with reporters all over the world.  We can provide realtime reporters, if required, for your depositions or trials.

Stay in Synch

Typically Florida's attorneys work in a fast-paced business environment, going from here to there, pressed for time.  We at Taylor Jonovic are determined to ease your stress in the following ways:

1.  In your busy practice, you want quick access to your depositions, videos and exhibits.  Through our online repository, you will be able to instantly access whatever you need instantly from wherever you are in the world.  

2.  You can take depositions from the comfort of your own office by utilizing our videoconference and Skype services, which can connect you to witnesses and attorneys anywhere.

3.  At Taylor Jonovic we know the importance of organizing and managing your cases.  Through our case management program, we provide free of charge our online repository where your deposition transcripts, videos and exhibits can be found and accessed quickly.   We will maintain a master list of all exhibits in the case.  On many cases we are selected as the exclusive reporter for all parties, thereby managing and storing all depos, exhibits and videos in a case.

4.  To ease the burden on your staff, our scheduling department will make all arrangements for videoconferencing, Skyping, interpreters, videographers, process servers, whatever your need.

Case Management

On many cases we are selected as the exclusive reporter for all the parties.  Through our case management program, we can keep track of all exhibits, depositions, videos and make them available to all attorneys through our online repository.  We also keep a separate master set of exhibits in the case.  And most important to the attorneys' clients, as the exclusive reporter, we will be able to discount our rates in return for the increased volume of work.


Access all Transcripts 24/7, Secure and Password Protected, Download ASCII, E-transcript, Exhibits. Your transcripts are always online and readily available for download 24/7/365, in ASCII and the increasingly popular text browser/word indexer, E-Transcript format as well as Exhibits in PDF format. All you need to download your deposition transcripts, court hearings, trial volumes, exhibits, scheduling information, invoicing, or to schedule online, is a Username and Password. To learn more about this powerful, yet easy-to-use litigation support service, please call or email your personal questions directly to us.


Video/Text Synchronization, Exhibits Hyper linked to Text, AV Courtroom Presentation


Nationwide Deposition, Hearing, Trial, Video and Room Scheduling


IP High-Def Video Conferencing, Multiple Location Connections, Remote Counsel Network,  Video Conferencing in Miami and the surrounding areas is also available through Skype                            


High Definition Camcorders, Multiple Formats Available, VHS to CD/DVD Conversion


Instant Access to Transcripts and real time reporting in Miami, Connect Remotely from PC's, Search, Mark, Annotate, Print


Certificated, Exotic Languages