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Managing court cases in the Miami and Fort Lauderdale area is essential to superior trial work. Your clients depend on you to navigate the legal system and secure the best outcome for their case. For Florida trial work, hire a professional and diligent court reporting service. As an important business partner, an excellent court reporting firm in Miami delivers a high level of litigation support while preserving integrity in all communications. This includes taking official depositions for Florida courts and creating documentation for courts in other states. Over the years, traditional court reporting has expanded to include video conferencing, video depositions, and high-tech court presentations.

Partner with Miami Court Reporters
Get knowledgeable court reporting from our Miami, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach court reporters for your law practice. At Taylor Jonovic, we feature online access to all documents recorded in a case through a secure and password-protected transcript repository. Our clients typically get full-service court reporting through web access - including going online to access document files, enjoying video/text synchronization, clicking on exhibits that are hyperlinked to text within transcripts, and printing transcripts and exhibits in PDF format anywhere.

Stay in Sync
Typically, Florida's attorneys work in a fast-paced business environment, going from here to there pressed for time. In your busy practice, you want to use any electronic device to access legal transcripts for reading, printing, and other professional purposes. We help you access official transcripts of your face-to-face depositions, video depositions, and much more through interactive real time reporting and nationwide networking. This means you can travel anywhere without giving up access to our website and the latest documents in a legal case. It is also convenient to pull transcripts and plan your next move in an ongoing case.

Work with Multiple Languages
Communicate with other attorneys and players in Florida in real-time using our court reporting Miami court reporters in Fort Lauderdale. We make it simple for attorneys, who are sworn officers of the court, to take official depositions, which are then prepared for legal use. We conduct face-to-face court reporting and reporting of video depositions using video conferencing software with multiple location support. We also work with Skype. Our language experts support your cases in common languages and exotic languages. We have certified interpreters with legal experience available to you; they work hard to provide precise interpretation. Expertly-documented testimony is essential to winning a client's case.

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